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"Tournament Strategy" archive

Tuesday 11 April

  • Texas Holdem Tournament Strategy, by Greedy Gecko - To win a poker tournament you have to have a strtegy and clearly define priorites. In a poker tournament your main strategy should be: 1. Surviving to actually get to the final table. That is, of course, very important. 2.... | 0 Comments

Sunday 23 October

  • Lie, Cheat, And Steal, by Sack - We're all lucky enough to play a game where stealing is actually legal! A little on stealing blinds follows-- but remember just like life it's only fun until you get caught (but sometimes you can still get off the hook)... | 0 Comments

Tuesday 27 September

Wednesday 10 August

  • Moving Into Scoring Position, by Sack - I stepped up to the plate that hot summer day drenched in sweat. We were down by a run in a tight game and time was running short for us to come back. With a runner on first and nobody out this could possibly be our last chance. Our fans chanted my name, trying to pump up their slugger to knock one out of the park and give us back the lead...

Wednesday 11 May

Tuesday 10 May

Monday 11 April

  • Stealing the Blinds, by Greedy Gecko - Whether you are playing a Sit N Go or multi-table tournament, the practice of stealing the blinds can be a determining factor in your ultimate success. As the blinds reach significant levels late in a tournament, the failure to do...