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"Poker Strategy" archive

Tuesday 25 April

  • That Woulda Hurt!, by Sack - Key hand in a tournament makes Sack glad he didn't have the right price to call. A brief rundown of when and why slowplaying is sometimes good... when it's right to.... | 0 Comments

Thursday 26 January

Wednesday 7 September

  • What Are The Odds??? Part 1, by Sack - So there we are, yelling at the screen like somebody stole something. We do that because, well, they did! How could they make that call with just a draw? How could they suck out like that? I had the best hand and that ass got lucky! What a horrible call that was... or was it really? | 0 Comments

Friday 19 August

  • You Have Time, by Sack - So you're on your way to work enjoying your talk radio during your favorite time of day, rush hour traffic. You are taking the slow and sure way to get there on time, since you are a safe driver... right?

Friday 1 April

  • Folding the Best Hand, by Greedy Gecko - If you intend to multi-table your way to consistent, long-term profits in low-limit hold’em, then you’d better get used to the idea of folding the best hand. Whether resulting from overestimation of relative hand values, frustration, or simply too much...

Thursday 24 March

  • The Magic of Checking on the River, by Greedy Gecko - It is the unwritten code of magicians to not reveal their secrets to laypeople, and breaking this code attracts the hatred of all guild members. A discussion of the poker technique of checking on the river, when in position, feels...