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"Personal Rants" archive

Friday 14 April

Thursday 5 January

  • Happy New Year, by Sack - So it’s that time once again. That thing that happens every 365 days or so in which we decide to make an attempt to shed a few of our imperfections, and set to improve upon ourselves as human beings... | 0 Comments

Sunday 4 December

  • Online Poker Is Rigged... P.S. I’m A Moron, by Sack - If you came across this through a search and looking for your valuable proof of online poker being rigged then you may as well close your browser and go away… you’re in the wrong place. | 2 Comments
  • December Already?, by Sack - Unaware of how another year has nearly passed, a worn out and weary Sack finally posts a little update on the happenings of the past week... | 0 Comments

Saturday 12 November

Sunday 23 October

  • The Sound of Silence, by Greedy Gecko - You may be asking yourself what in the world a poker blog is doing titling a post after a Simon and Garfunkel tune – if you didn’t catch the song reference, then you need to expand your musical horizons. Well,... | 0 Comments

Monday 3 October

  • Poker & Luck – Enough is Enough!!, by Greedy Gecko - Being such a hot topic nowadays, poker seems to regularly work its way into casual conversations in both social and professional situations. Those without experience in the poker world tend to have fairly similar questions/comments: Don’t you worry about losing?... | 2 Comments

Friday 23 September

  • Sack's Update, by Sack - So where oh where has our Sacky been? It’s usually a little scary when I drop out of site for a while, at least for those who know me. When Sack is not heard from usually it’s time to give a quick call to hospitals, jails, and morgues. Besides that one little post peering into the dark caverns of my mind, its been almost 2 weeks since I posted an article. | 0 Comments

Tuesday 20 September

  • Life... What About It?, by Sack - Sack discusses life and poker in a myriad of symbols and metaphors in an attempt to confuse the population. Also to clear his mind and to expose how messed up said mind really is. | 0 Comments

Friday 9 September

  • screwsack.exe update, by Sack - Very few things in life should be feared. Maybe things like God, loneliness, staplers, stuff such as that. I’m proud enough (or naïve enough) to say I have very few fears in life. I’ve put myself through enough hell the last few years that certain things that cause people to have stains in their britches just don’t phase me at all anymore. But I can now add one thing to my short list… software updates... | 0 Comments

Monday 5 September

Monday 22 August

Saturday 9 July