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"Personal Poker Experiences" archive

Thursday 29 December

Thursday 15 December

  • Variance Sucks, by Sack - The Ghost of poker present wishes to teach your hero Sack the true meaning of a thing called "variance"... | 2 Comments

Saturday 26 November

  • What Goes Up..., by Sack - Fat and happy after a nice Turkey Day, Sack returns to give his little update on the last week or so. | 0 Comments

Sunday 20 November

Tuesday 15 November

Sunday 13 November

  • Wiggie - Tournament Superstar, by Wiggie - I recently mentioned that I've been playing several tournaments lately, and I've felt like I've been playing really well. Up until last week I'd hardly played any tournaments, especially MTTs since before I quit my job, so playing them again... | 2 Comments

Monday 7 November

Wednesday 2 November

Tuesday 25 October

  • Put On A Clean Pair, by Sack - Variety is indeed the spice of life, and sometimes a little change can bring you through a slump... | 2 Comments

Saturday 22 October

  • Gotta Write Something Sometime, by Sack - No updates in over a week? Due to his shame of slacking, Sack posts a pointless and boring article in order to claim he "did something"... | 0 Comments

Thursday 6 October

Monday 3 October

Sunday 25 September

  • Chip And A Chair Part 2, by Sack - When we last left our hero had fought back valiantly against numerous villains. Using only his trusty chair, a chip or two, and a few lucky cards he laughed in the face of danger-- surviving barrage after barrage of ne’er-do-wells evil intentions of eliminating him from the tournament. Though he can breathe one quick sigh of relief, the battle is far from over, and the odds are still against him. And now the mildly entertaining conclusion of… “A Chip And A Chair” | 0 Comments

Saturday 24 September

  • Chip And A Chair... Can It Be Done? Pt. 1, by Sack - It's never fun knowing all you have left in your arsenal is enough to see just one flop, do or die. I've done it and pulled through late in tournaments before, but never have I come close when faced with that from the very early stages. Today I got my chance. Let's read on... | 0 Comments

Saturday 10 September

  • Who sits on a wall anyway?, by Sack - Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall… and well you all know the rest. Bottom line that guy fell hard and got busted up pretty good. Overall I imagine it was a pretty bad day. Well, thus far today my results have been no different, and I sure am cracked up pretty good... | 0 Comments

Saturday 9 July

  • Yet Another Royal Flush, by Greedy Gecko - Last week I hit my third Royal Flush. Occurring while playing a limit game at, it had been over a year since the last – playing a SNG Tournament at With last week’s glorious hand, I have hit...

Friday 6 May

Wednesday 27 April

Monday 18 April

  • A Set of Two’s, by Greedy Gecko - It's very hard NOT to make money at this game when you have players willing to throw their cash around with sub-par hands. As stated in other articles, this is one of seven tables I was playing simultaneously. Needless to...

Monday 11 April

  • Poker with a Conscience, by Greedy Gecko - I was recently in Las Vegas, playing some low-stakes no limit ring games ($1-$2) and experienced something unexpected. To frame this story, let me give a little background on my playing experiences. I played poker casually in high-school, and throughout...