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"General Discussions" archive

Saturday 22 April

Wednesday 12 April

  • Online Poker Safety, by Greedy Gecko - Poker is very easily accessible because you can play online but that doesn't necessarily mean that it is completely safe. In general it depends on where you are playing because not all online poker rooms follow the rules. Some companies... | 0 Comments

Wednesday 5 April

  • Becoming a Pro, by Greedy Gecko - A good amount of people play online poker for a living because the game is so easily accesible. The only thing a person that plays poker for a living has to do is get up in the morning and turn... | 0 Comments

Monday 3 April

  • Online or Offline?, by Greedy Gecko - A lot of people are playing poker online, and I mean a lot. Even with that said a lot of people still like the face to face offline games. So which one is better? Some of the reasons people give... | 1 Comments

Monday 27 March

  • Routines, Rituals, Rules, and Superstitions, by Greedy Gecko - Everyone has certain ways to do certain things. Some people go to the gym at the same time everyday. Some people play basketball with lucky socks. Other people grocery shop at the same time every week. In poker, players... | 0 Comments

Thursday 9 March

  • The future of poker, by Greedy Gecko - The popularity of poker has increased dramatically over the last few years. People are playing poker in online poker rooms, at casinos, in their homes, on college campuses, and even on television. The question this brings up is how long... | 1 Comments

Monday 13 February

  • High Stakes Poker On GSN, by Sack - If you have yet to see or hear about this then you’re really missing out. Every Monday night on GSN at 9:00 eastern time there is poker being shown... | 0 Comments

Saturday 11 February

  • Is Poker the New Stock Market?, by Greedy Gecko - When people talk about investing or using their money to make money they talk about stocks, real estate, CD’s, mutual funds, and starting a business. Why is their no mention of poker as an investment? The truth is, people that... | 0 Comments

Sunday 22 January

Tuesday 20 December

  • Poker As a Part-Time Job, by Greedy Gecko - In the whirlwind of events that has been my professional life as of late, I have struggled to find the place where poker fits in. My initial exploits in poker were those of a hobbyist simply looking to play for... | 1 Comments

Thursday 10 November

  • Is Poker A Sport?, by Sack - The age old question won't be answered here, but with some thoughts, opinions, and help from YOU maybe we can reach a formulated opinion on this world altering matter. Our future rests in your hands. Nah, not really, but it could be fun... | 1 Comments

Wednesday 9 November

  • Don't Berate the Fish, by Wiggie - I believe that most people are full of themselves to a certain extent. I don't think anyone can deny that they like the feeling they get by outdoing someone else, whether playing a sport, a game, or even just being... | 1 Comments

Tuesday 8 November

  • Update, by Wiggie - This is just to let everyone know that I'm still alive. I haven't been keeping up with the blog and I apologize to anyone who may actually read my stuff. To be honest, I'm not really happy with the quality... | 0 Comments

Saturday 29 October

Thursday 29 September

  • PokerStars Blogger Championship, by Greedy Gecko - PokerStars is offering entry to a blogger championship tournament on October 23rd, 2006 – 4:00pm EST / 1:00pm PST. Having registered for the tournament, I will report the outcome to the blog. Best of luck to all other entrants!... | 1 Comments

Monday 26 September

Tuesday 13 September

  • I'm Back!, by Wiggie - After a little absence from the blog, I'm back and better than ever. Actually, I'm exactly the same as ever, but I'm feeling optimistic so let's pretend. Let me get the bad news out of the way and mention that... | 2 Comments

Friday 9 September

Wednesday 7 September

Thursday 1 September

  • Poker Gods And My Sins, by Sack - Sack wrote a little som'n som'n a few days back and forgets to post it. A few days late and a few dollars shorter, he finally clicks the button.

Wednesday 31 August

  • Square One, by Wiggie - This week has been pretty much as bad as I think it can get poker-wise. I've lost all the money I made last week, plus a little. I just feel completely beaten down. I made some mistakes, like I always...

Monday 29 August

  • Rainbows and Kittens, by Wiggie - After a slow start followed by a maddening downturn, my first week of jobless poker skyrocketed into a resounding success. I can only assume that the plea in my last post convinced the poker gods to take pity on me,...

Thursday 25 August

  • Make it Stop!, by Wiggie - It seems like only yesterday that I was posting about my moderate success, spouting optimism and touting the freedom of my new life. What a fool I was. So young, so naive. I've come to realize over the last twenty-some-odd...

Tuesday 23 August

  • Mediocre Poker, by Wiggie - It rhymes. Cute. Anyway, this is the second official day of my poker career. So far things have been pretty lukewarm. I haven't won any huge pots, nor have I lost any. My big hands have held up for the...

Friday 19 August

  • Chasing the Dream - An Introduction, by Wiggie - Like so many others in the post-Moneymaker poker boom, I'm fairly new to poker. I got the bug while watching the 2004 World Series of Poker. Although I didn't know anything about hold 'em or much about poker at all,...

Tuesday 9 August

Sunday 17 April

  • Rounders Movie Review, by Greedy Gecko - Unfortunately for the poker fan, quality movies about poker are few and far between. However, one film that is owned by nearly every poker aficionado is Rounders starring Matt Damon and Edward Norton. Caution – There are some spoilers...

Friday 8 April

  • Is There a Right Way to Play Poker?, by Greedy Gecko - On the surface, poker appears simple enough to warrant a yes answer to this question. When you eliminate all the qualitative considerations in a poker game, it ultimately boils down to a game of long-run statistics. However, playing the mathematically...
  • Free Poker Tutor, by Greedy Gecko - Learn to Earn If you hope to turn your online poker playing experience from simply an enjoyable hobby to potentially a very lucrative one, then you must develop the necessary skills. Having devoted countless hours to developing a strategy for...

Wednesday 30 March

  • Playing Multiple Tables of Online Poker, by Greedy Gecko - The idea of playing multiples tables (or multi tabling) at the same time is contrary to many of the ideas you may have read in books or on other websites. The primary arguments against this practice, which are reasonable, accurately...

Tuesday 29 March

  • The Importance of Bonus Dollars, by Greedy Gecko - Many of the online poker rooms offer bonus dollars for initial and subsequent redeposits into your poker account on an almost continuous basis. These bonus dollars are then converted into real money, at varying rates depending on the site, as...

Monday 28 March

  • Buy-In With the Table Maximum, by Greedy Gecko - Question: In cash games, should I buy-in with the table minimum or maximum? Answer: Great question! Regardless of the limit you play, you are faced with a decision each time you sit at the poker table as to how much...
  • Poker Motivated by Greed – Playing for Profit, by Greedy Gecko - The name originates from the framework that I employ in my poker play. I am highly motivated by the concept of accumulating money, even if it means taking that money from other individuals (within the governing rules). In essence,...

Friday 25 March

  • Poker Conspiracy Theory, by Greedy Gecko - If you frequent any of the existing poker forums or chat rooms, you will undoubtedly hear numerous posts discussing possible conspiracies on various poker websites. Are these individuals being paranoid, or is there some truth to the claims? Cash Out...

Thursday 24 March

  • Poker & Taxes (For Non-Professional Players), by Greedy Gecko - Benjamin Franklin said, "In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes." Unfortunately, our poker endeavors are not immune to this phrase. This post is intended to discuss tax considerations as they relate to poker winnings. Who needs to...
  • Online Versus Live Poker, by Greedy Gecko - With the recent growth in poker popularity, people across the world are diving into the poker scene. Due to gambling limitations within the United States, many players are unable to experience the excitement of poker at real-life casinos. Fear not,...