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"Beginner Topics" archive

Sunday 28 May

  • Calculating Odds, by Greedy Gecko - To be successful at poker you should, at any time during the play of a hand, be able to calculate the odds of catching your hand to the odds the pot is giving you. Knowing the probability of making a... | 0 Comments

Monday 22 May

  • 5 Common Poker Mistakes, by Greedy Gecko - Below are five common mistakes that players make, especially novice players that think winning at online poker is easier then it really is. The first mistake that some make is bluffing a weak player. It seems that novice players don't... | 0 Comments

Saturday 13 May

  • Freeroll Tournaments, by Greedy Gecko - Freeroll tournaments are a great way to get into major tournaments and win big money with no cost. For some freeroll tournaments you can qualify by playing a certain number of real money. Players can also use points they are... | 1 Comments

Friday 5 May

  • Patience, by The Padawan - Hi everyone. Sorry I have not written in a while, but I have been on an intense poker research project that I would like to share with you. In NL holdem, there are really just 3 games. Ring games are... | 1 Comments

Tuesday 18 April

  • The Ugliness Continues, by Sack - Sack's continued cold streak teaches you how not to play with scared money. He also renames pocket kings to provide the humor... | 0 Comments

Friday 17 March

Monday 13 March

  • Selective Aggression, by The Padawan - I have been playing SnGs almost exclusively for the last month and I made what I think are some interesting observations. First, I did pretty well last month (thank you very much) and saw some interesting things. Some of these... | 1 Comments

Friday 10 March

Sunday 19 February

  • Mental Alertness, by The Padawan - In reviewing my hand histories with Poker Tracker I noticed a pattern. I was losing consistently at certain times, and winning consistently at certain times. The players did not seem to be any better during my losing times. In fact,... | 0 Comments

Monday 6 February

  • Setting regular hours, by - Some people can't handle self employment, they need the structure of set hours and a boss that makes sure they keep them. I seem to be one of those people but for most of my working life I was self... | 1 Comments

Wednesday 1 February

  • Learning a new job, by - Toxteth Jack. A name to create fear in the heart of any opponent. Until you see me play that is, I'm not that great. In fact I'm not even what I'd call good. For the first few months of playing... | 1 Comments

Wednesday 25 January

Friday 30 December

  • Game Selection, by The Padawan - When I started playing on line I loved the SnGs. They only took about an hour, and I knew exactly how much I was risking, namely the buy in. If you haven’t noticed, I don’t like to risk my money,... | 2 Comments

Tuesday 20 December

Tuesday 13 December

  • Hand Selection part 2, by The Padawan - I mentioned in my last post that I have made some monster mistakes in my quest to become a serious poker player. One of the monster mistakes was ignoring the probabilities in pushing hands post flop. The lesson learned from... | 0 Comments

Sunday 4 December

  • Newbie Poker Hand selection, by The Padawan - Greetings everyone. I am a middle aged man who has been playing home game (for fun) poker most of my life. I also spent about a year playing (and losing) on line. I decided a few months ago that I... | 1 Comments

Thursday 17 November

  • Something For The New Players, by Sack - Online forums can be a valuable souce of FREE information. Here is one shining example I found from the poker forum, written by Vasumi. I think it's a must read for any player, but especially for any new players... | 1 Comments

Tuesday 13 September

Sunday 14 August

  • Knowledge Is Power, by Sack - One of the biggest mistakes I see on the poker tables is people playing WAY over their heads and understanding of the game. I love seeing these people at the tables- and you don’t want to be THAT person.

Wednesday 18 May

Tuesday 19 April

  • Online Poker Tells, by Greedy Gecko - Until online poker moves forward into the world of webcams (which is a day I hope we never see), reading your opponent is entirely different than in brick and mortar casinos. Specifically, you must base your reads solely on their...

Friday 8 April

  • Free Poker Tutor, by Greedy Gecko - Learn to Earn If you hope to turn your online poker playing experience from simply an enjoyable hobby to potentially a very lucrative one, then you must develop the necessary skills. Having devoted countless hours to developing a strategy for...

Monday 4 April

  • Understanding Your Poker Outs, by Greedy Gecko - What are Outs? In basic terms, your outs in a poker hand are those cards that you believe will make you a winning hand. Note that you are not guaranteed to win a hand when you hit your outs because...
  • Calculating Poker Hand Odds and Pot Odds, by Greedy Gecko - The prerequisite knowledge for calculating odds is an understanding of your outs. See discussion of outs. Once you know your outs, then it is important to compare your odds of hitting an out against the pot odds being offered. Let’s...

Monday 28 March

  • Folding Pocket Kings Pre-Flop, by Greedy Gecko - A common topic on poker forums is whether it is ever correct to fold pocket kings pre-flop. Obviously there are intricacies in tournament play that allow for folding any hand pre-flop. However, for purposes of this post we will discuss...