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April 2006

Tuesday 25 April

  • That Woulda Hurt!, by Sack - Key hand in a tournament makes Sack glad he didn't have the right price to call. A brief rundown of when and why slowplaying is sometimes good... when it's right to.... | 0 Comments

Saturday 22 April

Tuesday 18 April

  • The Ugliness Continues, by Sack - Sack's continued cold streak teaches you how not to play with scared money. He also renames pocket kings to provide the humor... | 0 Comments

Friday 14 April

Wednesday 12 April

  • Online Poker Safety, by Greedy Gecko - Poker is very easily accessible because you can play online but that doesn't necessarily mean that it is completely safe. In general it depends on where you are playing because not all online poker rooms follow the rules. Some companies... | 0 Comments

Tuesday 11 April

  • Texas Holdem Tournament Strategy, by Greedy Gecko - To win a poker tournament you have to have a strtegy and clearly define priorites. In a poker tournament your main strategy should be: 1. Surviving to actually get to the final table. That is, of course, very important. 2.... | 0 Comments

Monday 10 April

  • Poker Bonus Codes, by Greedy Gecko - Here are some more great poker websites with nice bonuses. All of the bonuses can be obtained by using the code or just clicking the banner. Currently the best bonus are the bonus and the bonus. ActionPoker gives... | 0 Comments

Wednesday 5 April

  • Becoming a Pro, by Greedy Gecko - A good amount of people play online poker for a living because the game is so easily accesible. The only thing a person that plays poker for a living has to do is get up in the morning and turn... | 0 Comments

Monday 3 April

  • Online or Offline?, by Greedy Gecko - A lot of people are playing poker online, and I mean a lot. Even with that said a lot of people still like the face to face offline games. So which one is better? Some of the reasons people give... | 1 Comments
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