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February 2006

Sunday 19 February

  • Mental Alertness, by The Padawan - In reviewing my hand histories with Poker Tracker I noticed a pattern. I was losing consistently at certain times, and winning consistently at certain times. The players did not seem to be any better during my losing times. In fact,... | 0 Comments

Tuesday 14 February

  • First week not so great, by - Well I've finished my first 'proper' week and I feel lucky to be only $6 down at the end of it. On Wednesday morning, coming to the end of my last hour I got involved in a hand I had... | 0 Comments

Monday 13 February

  • High Stakes Poker On GSN, by Sack - If you have yet to see or hear about this then you’re really missing out. Every Monday night on GSN at 9:00 eastern time there is poker being shown... | 0 Comments

Saturday 11 February

  • Is Poker the New Stock Market?, by Greedy Gecko - When people talk about investing or using their money to make money they talk about stocks, real estate, CD’s, mutual funds, and starting a business. Why is their no mention of poker as an investment? The truth is, people that... | 0 Comments

Monday 6 February

  • Setting regular hours, by - Some people can't handle self employment, they need the structure of set hours and a boss that makes sure they keep them. I seem to be one of those people but for most of my working life I was self... | 1 Comments

Wednesday 1 February

  • Learning a new job, by - Toxteth Jack. A name to create fear in the heart of any opponent. Until you see me play that is, I'm not that great. In fact I'm not even what I'd call good. For the first few months of playing... | 1 Comments
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