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October 2005

Saturday 29 October

Thursday 27 October

Tuesday 25 October

  • Put On A Clean Pair, by Sack - Variety is indeed the spice of life, and sometimes a little change can bring you through a slump... | 2 Comments

Sunday 23 October

  • Lie, Cheat, And Steal, by Sack - We're all lucky enough to play a game where stealing is actually legal! A little on stealing blinds follows-- but remember just like life it's only fun until you get caught (but sometimes you can still get off the hook)... | 0 Comments
  • The Sound of Silence, by Greedy Gecko - You may be asking yourself what in the world a poker blog is doing titling a post after a Simon and Garfunkel tune – if you didn’t catch the song reference, then you need to expand your musical horizons. Well,... | 0 Comments

Saturday 22 October

  • Gotta Write Something Sometime, by Sack - No updates in over a week? Due to his shame of slacking, Sack posts a pointless and boring article in order to claim he "did something"... | 0 Comments

Thursday 13 October

Tuesday 11 October

  • Someone Spikes Punch At Party, by Sack - So the big news this week that’s flooding every message board and poker related site is what all is going on at Party Poker. Some big changes, some small new things, and a whole lot of hype and confusion. I’ve been reading up and trying to figure it all out, and hopefully I can break it all down for ya here. Or at least I’ll do the best I can. | 2 Comments

Thursday 6 October

Monday 3 October

  • Bitter Sweet Redemption, by Sack - Back asswards as always, Sack manages to make the weekend suck and Monday's work out okay. | 0 Comments
  • Poker & Luck – Enough is Enough!!, by Greedy Gecko - Being such a hot topic nowadays, poker seems to regularly work its way into casual conversations in both social and professional situations. Those without experience in the poker world tend to have fairly similar questions/comments: Don’t you worry about losing?... | 2 Comments
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