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September 2005

Thursday 29 September

  • PokerStars Blogger Championship, by Greedy Gecko - PokerStars is offering entry to a blogger championship tournament on October 23rd, 2006 – 4:00pm EST / 1:00pm PST. Having registered for the tournament, I will report the outcome to the blog. Best of luck to all other entrants!... | 1 Comments

Tuesday 27 September

Monday 26 September

Sunday 25 September

  • Chip And A Chair Part 2, by Sack - When we last left our hero had fought back valiantly against numerous villains. Using only his trusty chair, a chip or two, and a few lucky cards he laughed in the face of danger-- surviving barrage after barrage of ne’er-do-wells evil intentions of eliminating him from the tournament. Though he can breathe one quick sigh of relief, the battle is far from over, and the odds are still against him. And now the mildly entertaining conclusion of… “A Chip And A Chair” | 0 Comments

Saturday 24 September

  • Chip And A Chair... Can It Be Done? Pt. 1, by Sack - It's never fun knowing all you have left in your arsenal is enough to see just one flop, do or die. I've done it and pulled through late in tournaments before, but never have I come close when faced with that from the very early stages. Today I got my chance. Let's read on... | 0 Comments

Friday 23 September

  • Sack's Update, by Sack - So where oh where has our Sacky been? It’s usually a little scary when I drop out of site for a while, at least for those who know me. When Sack is not heard from usually it’s time to give a quick call to hospitals, jails, and morgues. Besides that one little post peering into the dark caverns of my mind, its been almost 2 weeks since I posted an article. | 0 Comments

Tuesday 20 September

  • Life... What About It?, by Sack - Sack discusses life and poker in a myriad of symbols and metaphors in an attempt to confuse the population. Also to clear his mind and to expose how messed up said mind really is. | 0 Comments

Tuesday 13 September

  • Poker – A Difficult Way to Make an Easy Buck, by Greedy Gecko - Given the relatively short lifecycles of online poker players, I guess my tenure makes me somewhat of a veteran. By being actively involved in the training and mentoring of beginner poker players on a regular basis, I have the privilege... | 0 Comments
  • I'm Back!, by Wiggie - After a little absence from the blog, I'm back and better than ever. Actually, I'm exactly the same as ever, but I'm feeling optimistic so let's pretend. Let me get the bad news out of the way and mention that... | 2 Comments

Saturday 10 September

  • Who sits on a wall anyway?, by Sack - Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall… and well you all know the rest. Bottom line that guy fell hard and got busted up pretty good. Overall I imagine it was a pretty bad day. Well, thus far today my results have been no different, and I sure am cracked up pretty good... | 0 Comments

Friday 9 September

  • Comments Welcome – Movable Type Comment Spam is No More, by Greedy Gecko - At least I hope so anyway! Previously, I had the comment feature enabled and welcomed comments on any of the blog posts on the site. Unfortunately, however, there are many programs out there preying Movable Type’s comment feature by submitting... | 1 Comments
  • screwsack.exe update, by Sack - Very few things in life should be feared. Maybe things like God, loneliness, staplers, stuff such as that. I’m proud enough (or naïve enough) to say I have very few fears in life. I’ve put myself through enough hell the last few years that certain things that cause people to have stains in their britches just don’t phase me at all anymore. But I can now add one thing to my short list… software updates... | 0 Comments

Wednesday 7 September

  • What Are The Odds??? Part 1, by Sack - So there we are, yelling at the screen like somebody stole something. We do that because, well, they did! How could they make that call with just a draw? How could they suck out like that? I had the best hand and that ass got lucky! What a horrible call that was... or was it really? | 0 Comments
  • Slowly Getting Back, by Sack - Sack has no big news, just a small update on how it's going now....

Monday 5 September

Thursday 1 September

  • Poker Gods And My Sins, by Sack - Sack wrote a little som'n som'n a few days back and forgets to post it. A few days late and a few dollars shorter, he finally clicks the button.
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