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October 27, 2005

Sailing The Pacific (Pacific Poker Review)

Posted at October 27, 2005 07:07 AM in Website Reviews , by Sack.

“Find out why everyone is playing poker… at Pacific Poker” is what the little popup exclaims as you exit their site ( ) I hate pop-ups, but have grown to accept them as a fact of virtual life regardless of what software I may use to block them.

I thought today about what I should write, and suddenly realized that I have yet to review the poker site that I know the most about. Like good ol’ Jack Cousteau I shall take you on a journey to the ocean deep… or at least give you some familiarity with Pacific.

It’s the site I first started with thanks to a friend who was playing there at the time. Ah, getting teary eyed reminiscing on the good ol’ play money days when we thought 2 to 5 people going all in pre-flop on the first hand of a tournament was normal. “You’ve come a long way… baby!”

Right off the bat signing up for real money play you are nicely rewarded with a 25% (max $100) deposit bonus, instantly playable of course and actually clears when wagering 20 times the bonus amount. Tournaments DO count towards clearing your bonus, so if you play a $10+$1 tournament you are credited with wagering $11 towards clearing said bonus. Easy enough.

Pacific is also rumored to be full of tasty little fishes. True to it’s oceanic name it surely is! If seafood is your thing then this one comes highly recommended. The plus in this is that being one of the large sites there is plenty of money for the taking. The downside is you have to weed out hands through the crap and never quite know exactly what cards they are playing because there’s plenty that will put money in the pot as long as they have 2 cards in front of them. Obviously a good player will win handsomely here, but it can be frustrating having 4 or 5 people calling a pretty big raise sometimes and having your aces fall to 7-5 or something like that. It’s not that there aren’t good players there, but there are a ton of bad ones. Any table at any time may range from absolute shootout to a total rock garden.

As far as things to do there are games-a-plenty to choose from. Ring games have all variations of hold ‘em of course. Also included are Omaha, Omaha hi/lo, seven card stud, and seven card stud hi/lo. Lot’s of fun games to choose from and learn, and you can do it cheap! In Hold ‘em limit games are as cheap as $.05/.10 and all the way up to $30/60. Pot limit from $10 to $200, and everyone’s favorite no limit starts out with a $10 max ($.05/.10) all the way up to $600 max. The Omaha and Stud games can be played cheap or big time as well. So if you’re wanting to learn Omaha, you can get a crash course without losing a chunk of your cash ( well, at those low limits you can learn how to play, not necessarily learn how to play right).

Cash games aren’t your thing? Well there’s tons of tournaments you can play too. Sit-N-Go’s (SNG) anywhere from $1+.50 to $750+35, with participation ranging from heads up play to up to 40 people. Mainly you’ll find 5,6,8,10 and 20 man SNG’s, but sometimes you may want to try a little something different. A nice bang for your buck is the $8+.80 twenty man tournament. This is one of the few that pays to top 5. You can finish fourth and profit 16 dollars, or go out 5th and basically break even rather than losing your money outright bubbling out in most twenty man ones. And speaking of different, a whole section is devoted to “fast” and “nitro” tournaments where you may see level increases as fast as 2 minutes or three hands. If you love crapshoots then those are for you! Add on top of all these a wide array of multi-table tournaments all the way from free rolls on up to some biggies. Daily $15k and $30k tournaments with direct buy ins or plenty of satellites running regularly if you don’t feel like forking over that much cash. A nice perk? The Guaranteed tournaments always start at their scheduled time regardless of how many are signed up for it. The number of paid spots may thin out a bit, but the money is always there.

The software itself runs much better since their last update. The disconnection problems of the past seem to be no more (for me at least, I’m sure you’ll find some that have problems). It’s a pretty basic setup but looks nice. Gets a bit glitchy at times with a little lag, but nothing too serious. Your bankroll is always available to look at and updates immediately. One major flaw that is left out is that there is no multi-tabling, so it can get boring! Also equally frustrating is that cash out times are very slow… sometimes taking 2 weeks (or longer) to get a check by mail. But the money that is able to be made is worth the delay in payment.

Overall I actually like Pacific. You will get a lot of varying opinions on the site, but it’s my home!

Report Card: Overall B-/C+

+ wide selection of games
+ Tournaments galore!
+ Decent sign up bonus that’s easy to clear
+ fishy, fishy, fishy!

- Slow payout time
- Software can be glitchy at times
- no multi-tabling?
- cash tables can have long waits on lower levels during peak times

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