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June 30, 2005 Review

Posted at June 30, 2005 08:20 AM in Website Reviews , by Greedy Gecko.

Having played internet poker for years, I somehow managed to miss out on the best poker room of all until now - The site is a member of the Party “skin” network, meaning that they share the same live games, single-table tournaments, and payment processor as other affiliated sites such as Party Poker and several others. This shared player pool makes Empire Poker the largest online poker room with over 50k players on during peak hours. Overall, provides the greatest online poker experience of all sites I frequent. See full review below:


Quantity of Opponents
As mentioned above, EmpirePoker is the largest online poker room, frequented 24/7 by players from around the globe. I was shocked upon first seeing the countless full tables at virtually every limit available throughout the day.

Quality of Opponents
When a site is as large as, they are inevitably going to attract many beginner players. Consequently, Empire seems to be full of net’s most fishy players. The site is incredibly loose, with players calling with the weakest of hands. You will get paid off handsomely with your premium hands as a result of your opponents’ poor play.

Games/Limits Offered
PokerRoom offers Texas Holdem, Omaha, Omaha H/L, 7 Card Stud, and 7 Card Stud H/L. Games are offered in the Limit, Pot Limit, and No Limit format, and are geared towards all limit players, offering lower stakes through higher limit action.

Multi-tabling is extremely easy at Allowing you to play up to 4 tables simultaneously, the site prompts you when it is your turn by bringing the appropriate table to the forefront of your screen. When multi-tabling with 10 tables across sites, Empire is a great addition to the mix.

EmpirePoker’s desposit bonus has to be one of the easiest to clear on the net. Use the bonus code “PokerGreed” and receive a 20% deposit bonus up to $100. You clear the bonus by simply playing 150 raked hands. You can’t beat that simplicity! Additionally, the site occasionally offers redeposit bonuses that are reasonable to clear.

As with many of the online poker sites, Empire Poker offers extremely low rakes on their card games. While the rake is calculated somewhat differently than other sites, the end result is essentially the same. Having reviewed thousands of hands within PokerTracker, the effective rake on the site has been 4.62% of the pot, which is comparable to the other major online sites.

Customer Support
Empire staffs their customer support department 24/7 offering around the clock email support. A credit to the site, I have not needed to utilize the customer support.

Cashing Out
Deposit and withdrawal options include NETeller, iGM, FPS epassport, wire transfer, and check.

Loyalty Bonus offers a new VIP club. Points are earned for playing raked hands at ring games, or based on your real money tournament play. It takes time to become a member of the club, but upon attaining membership you receive double the VIP points as non-members. These VIP points can be redeemed for entries into special freerolls or for poker books, shirts, and other prizes.

As an overall package, offers the best online poker experience. I highly recommend the site to new and experienced players alike. Click on any of the links within this article or on and sign up today!

Download the EmpirePoker software here.
Bonus Code - PokerGreed

Affiliate Program
Earn money by recruiting new real money players to! The site has one of the most user friendly and lucrative affiliate programs on the web. Whether you have your own website or intend to sign up many of your friends, consider learning more about the affiliate program linked below:


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