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June 09, 2005 Review

Posted at June 9, 2005 06:27 PM in Website Reviews , by Greedy Gecko. is somewhat of a sentimental favorite of mine. A couple of years ago I played quite a bit of poker on a college friend’s account at, serving as my first experience with online poker. Recently, I have returned to the site as I continue to explore new venues and outlets for my poker hobby. offers a sleek interface, and an attractive array of games and tournaments. The site also seems to be THE place to play for Mac (Apple) users. See full review below:

As with many of the online poker sites, PokerRoom offers extremely low rakes on their card games. The house rake is calculated as 5% of the matched bets in the pot, up to a maximum of $3.

Quantity of Opponents
PokerRoom is a fairly large poker site, frequented by players around the globe. Consequently, you can always find thousands of players against which to compete, with the number topping 10k during peak hours. With volume like this, you will always be able to find the type of action you seek at any hour.

Quality of Opponents
Perhaps it is because this site is the choice for Mac users (had to take a jab as a PC user), but PokerRoom seems to be littered with the fishiest of players. Not as tight as or, there seems to be calling stations galore at the lower limits. Consequently, you can get paid off more frequently with your big hands.

Games/Limits Offered
PokerRoom offers Texas Holdem, Omaha, Omaha H/L, 7 Card Stud, and 7 Card Stud H/L. Games are offered in the Limit, Pot Limit, and No Limit format, and are geared towards all limit players, offering lower stakes through higher limit action. Somewhat unique to poker rooms, the website also offers a wide array of casino games including Black Jack, Caribbean Pirate Poker, Let It Ride, Video Poker, Fruit Slots, Poker Slots, Cowboy Slots, Skeet Shooter, Baccarat, Craps, Pai Gow, Roulette, Deuces Wild, and Hilo.

Perhaps this is the one drawback to I found the multi-tabling experience to be a little difficult, because while you audibly hear when it is your turn to play, the active table did not pop to the front, resulting in me having to search for the active hand. When multi-tabling with 10 tables across sites, this little annoyance becomes a major hazard.

Customer Support
Having a small customer support issue, the matter was handled promptly and professionally. Also, PokerRoom offers 24/7 telephone support via a toll-free number.

PokerRoom regularly offers deposit and redeposit bonuses. Sign up through, and receive a 30% deposit bonus up to $150. Another great feature of the site is that Player Points (earned via playing real money ring or tournament games) can be used for tournament buy-ins or converted directly into cash.

Cashing Out
Deposit and withdrawal options include NETeller, FirePay, PrePaid ATM, courier check, normal check.

Multi-Table Tournaments and One-Table/Two-Table/Three-Table Sit-N-Go Tournaments are ongoing throughout the day, allowing you to play tourneys to your heart’s content. The Two and Three table tournaments provide you with the multi-table tournament feel and experience, without necessitating a 3-4 hour commitment.

Special Site Features
PokerRoom offers several unique features that make playing online poker more flexible and enjoyable. First, their software look and feel is steps above those of other poker sites. I have never seen a site that better recreates the look and feel of playing live poker as well as PokerRoom has. Also, the site offers a “lite” version that allows you to play via a Java applet without downloading the Windows software. This is a great feature for Mac and Linux users, and for players on the go, allowing you to play from anyone’s computer. Additionally, PokerRoom has recently introduced Mobile Poker, allowing you to enjoy both play and real money games on your cellular phone. This feature alone makes having a account an absolute must!

As an overall package, offers many appealing elements. While somewhat of a challenging site for multi-tabling purposes, PokerRoom is a great site on which to learn against relatively easy opponents and perform limited multi-tabling (4 tables). I play regularly on the site and would not hesitate to recommend it to new and seasoned players alike. Click on any of the links within this article or on and sign up today!

Affiliate Program
Earn money by recruiting new real money players to! The site has one of the most user friendly and lucrative affiliate programs on the web. Whether you have your own website or intend to sign up many of your friends, consider learning more about the affiliate program linked below:

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