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April 27, 2005

Multi-tabling – Playing 10 Tables Simultaneously

Posted at April 27, 2005 09:41 AM in Multi-Tabling , Personal Poker Experiences , by Greedy Gecko.

In a previous blog post I discussed the merits of playing multiple tables of poker simultaneously (or multi tabling). Since then, I have further pushed my maximum limits via the addition of a new 17” LCD monitor to my poker set-up, allowing me to play 10 tables simultaneously with relative ease.

My new set-up has the new LCD monitor hooked up to my laptop computer (allowing for an expanded virtual desktop), and then my regular desktop computer. Utilizing this arrangement, I will play 4 tables placed on the LCD, 3 on the laptop screen, and another 3 on the desktop computer.

Initially, becoming accustomed to the monitor arrangement and the additional 3 tables (as I have been playing 7 tables successfully for some time) was somewhat of a challenge. However, it quickly became second nature and easily manageable.

How Many Tables are Humanly Possible
While I hesitate to speak to the capabilities of the entire human race, I can certainly measure my personal abilities. I believe that with the current arrangement, I am near the maximum number of tables that I can effectively manage (adding one or two more is possible). However, should I decide to reinvest profits into the purchase of either an extremely large LCD monitor (television sized) or the quad monitors used by professional stock traders, I believe that playing 15-16 tables simultaneously could be accomplished.

However, why would you want to go to that extreme? Although playing 10 tables is intense, it is not completely overwhelming. The game is remains enjoyable and you do not feel completely burnt out after a playing session. If I began playing 15-16 tables, I would probably be forced to spend a substantial portion of my profits on Rogaine and powerful cocktails of high-dose medications.

With the expansion, I expect dramatically improved profit performance. A large element is due to the additional bonus earned per hour. For example, at the $.25/$.50 No Limit tables, you can expect to earn approximately $1.60 of bonus per hour across the various poker sites. Simple math tells you that this means you are earning ~$16/hr on bonus alone. So even a break-even poker player can earn a decent amount of money with little effort and risk. Using my poker strategies taught here, profitable players can earn a multiple of this figure.

Needless to say, I’m extremely excited to realize the profits from expanding the numbers of tables I play.

The Greedy Gecko

Thank you for such an educational article on the wonderful, wonderful world of poker. I am actually an aspiring poker player, not a newbie, but just approaching the intermediate level. My favorite topics is on tells. Maybe you could do a series of articles on that one?

More power.

Posted by jameston at September 30, 2005 03:32 AM

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