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April 08, 2005

Free Poker Tutor

Posted at April 8, 2005 03:45 PM in Beginner Topics , General Discussions , by Greedy Gecko.

Learn to Earn
If you hope to turn your online poker playing experience from simply an enjoyable hobby to potentially a very lucrative one, then you must develop the necessary skills. Having devoted countless hours to developing a strategy for success in low stakes online poker, my hobby also functions as a source of additional household income. I can teach you the necessary skills to succeed in the exciting world of online poker.

Terms & Conditions
In order to qualify for the free poker tutoring, you must first register and fund your online poker account through any of the poker affiliate links on the site. Extended tutoring is contingent on your continued play online. In addition to the information presented on the website, I will provide detailed discussions in a structured teaching format, giving you the tools to conquer the world of low-stakes online poker. Additionally, I will be at your disposal to answer any specific questions you may have, and to review and comment on your hand histories. Instruction will be provided via email discussions and live online discussions whenever possible.

Shared Goals
My interests will be perfectly aligned with yours. By you signing up to play poker via one of my affiliate links, I will be paid a percentage of the profit earned by the online poker website based on your play (rake and tournament entry fees). Therefore, the longer you play online poker, the more money I will earn. If you are generating a profit on your poker play, you will continue to play online poker. So I want you to have success!

Who is the Greedy Gecko?
I have successfully played online poker for several years, and am recently experimenting with higher stakes and other game styles. My area of expertise is simultaneously playing multiple tables of low-stakes No Limit Texas Hold’em. Read a brief description of me here. You can also read about the concept of multi-tabling at the following post. I have taught several players to employ the strategies I use at the low-stakes no limit tables with excellent success.

What I Will Cover
I will cover all the topics you need to know in order to succeed at low-stakes no limit texas hold'em. I hope to essentially perform a brain dump of all the criteria and decision trees that I informally go through in making decisions. Whether you’ve never played poker before, or if you’ve been playing for years but not had the same level of success I have, my assistance can help improve your game at these limits. The goal is to consistently apply what in essence boils down to a well-defined conceptual framework over a large quantity of tables simultaneously - in a profitable manner.

Who Can Succeed?
Possessing a certain level of dedication, I believe that anyone can succeed at low-stakes online poker. Once given the prerequisite tools and knowledge, your success will ultimately hinge on your level of commitment. Achieving consistent success requires your desire to learn and a certain level of discipline. The final requirement for playing online is starting with an appropriate bankroll. I would suggest beginning with at least $250.

Personally, I consistently earn ~$45/hr playing multiple tables of low-stakes no limit texas hold'em poker. This is accomplished with minimal risk of my poker bankroll and relatively small swings. My goal for those I tutor is to ultimately achieve a level of ~$15-$20/hr. I believe that anyone can achieve this level, and then higher amounts are possible based on your levels of commitment, consistency in play, and inherent abilities.

I make NO guarantees in the level of success you will achieve, and bear no responsibilities for losses you might incur playing online poker. Ultimately, you are putting money at risk and losses are possible. However, what I do promise is that I will teach you how to employ the exact strategies that I, and others I have taught, have successfully used.

How to Enroll
Setup and fund your online poker account through any of the affiliate links on the website and use the corresponding bonus code. Once established, email me to let me know that you have signed up. Once I receive notification from the poker site that you have enrolled, funded your account, and begun real money play, I will provide you with initial learning materials and we can begin our tutoring. See you at the tables!