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April 06, 2005

Sit N Go Poker Tournaments

Posted at April 6, 2005 11:32 AM in Sit N Go's , by Greedy Gecko.

Sit N Go (SNG) tournaments are a great way to develop your tournament strategy, make money, and have a lot of fun. Rather than trying to fight your way through a large field in a multi-table tournament, SNG’s provide you tournament experience and necessary final table skills without requiring a tremendous time commitment.

What is a Sit N Go Tournament?
SNG’s are relatively short tournaments in which a fixed number of players enter (generally 1 table full) at a certain price level (you can select from the numerous SNG tables offered at the online poker sites to find your desired number of opponents and price level, beginning as low as $1), and then battle until there is one player remaining. The prize pool is generally split amongst the top 30% of the entrants.

Types of SNG Tournaments (UB) offers 6 person and 10 person SNG tournaments beginning at the $1 level through high limit play. A new personal favorite type of SNG is the 18 person (2 tables of 9) offered, which affords you a nice combination of multi-table and final table experience.

Prior to the advent of the SNG tournament, the only way to get final table experience was to make it to a final table. Presently, however, you can get the thrill and challenge of final table action whenever and for as little investment as you desire. As opposed to ring games where your long-term strategy is to grind out your profit, SNG tournament play allows you experiment with poker styles and experience the more creative side of poker. With increasing blinds throughout the tournament, you learn the importance of varying your play across blind levels and size of your stack. Unlike cash games, this changes in blinds and the inability to rebuy force you to adapt your play to changing circumstances, and prevents you from simply waiting indefinitely for premium hands to play.

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Time Flexibility
Unlike multi-table tournaments, which can take several hours if you successfully make your way into the final table, SNG’s are typically about 45 minutes long. These tournaments provide poker enjoyment and excitement, great practice, and their minimal time requirements are such that you can play a quick one just about any time.

As you improve your SNG play, these tournaments are a great way to build your poker bankroll. Whether you decide to start small with $5 SNG’s or have the experience and success to play higher levels, you should be able to successfully fall in the money in over 50% of tournaments you play. Additionally, if you play multiple tables at a time, your bankroll will grow rapidly with relatively little risk.

If you have any questions about SNG tournaments, or any other poker questions, feel free to email and I will add the resulting response to the site.

The Greedy Gecko