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March 28, 2005

Folding Pocket Kings Pre-Flop

Posted at March 28, 2005 09:26 PM in Beginner Topics , by Greedy Gecko.

A common topic on poker forums is whether it is ever correct to fold pocket kings pre-flop. Obviously there are intricacies in tournament play that allow for folding any hand pre-flop. However, for purposes of this post we will discuss the pre-flop play of pocket kings as it relates to cash games only.

Sometimes, second best is second best...
The biggest fear in pushing all your chips into the center of the table with pocket kings is for your opponent to have pocket aces. Clearly this is always a possibility that can result in the complete loss of the funds you have in play. Although the statistical odds of this occurring are 21.8-to-1, it always seems to happen a lot more often, especially when you are the holder of the pocket kings. However, should your opponent hold the dreaded pocket rockets, all is not lost. In actuality, you still have a 20% statistical chance of winning the hand.

Despite the potential losses from running into pocket rockets, there is still much to be gained from making the all-in move. In lower limit play, many opponents are willing to put their money on the line with a lot less than pocket kings. It is because of the abundance of these players that making the all-in move is never incorrect.

Other Possibilities
If your opponent does not have you beat with pocket rockets, then he/she is likely to hold either an ace with a strong kicker or a lower pair. In either of these situations, you are the strong favorite, winning approximately ~68% and ~80% of the time respectively. You will certainly be outdrawn in many situations; however, you will win more of these battles than you will lose in the long run.

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER fold pocket kings pre-flop.

The Greedy Gecko