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March 27, 2005


Posted at March 27, 2005 11:34 AM in , by Greedy Gecko. is designed to be a comprehensive resource for low stakes No Limit Texas Hold’em players. The objective of the site is to provide sufficient instruction as to allow amateurs to profitably enjoy the online poker world. I, The Greedy Gecko and the architect of Pokergreed, am a highly-profitable multi-table low limit player (typically playing in excess of 7 tables at a time); in addition to being a successful tournament player. Based on my playing experiences, I will explore numerous poker topics designed to develop my own poker skills in addition to those of readers.

Limits Played
I am typically playing up to 10 tables of $.25/$.50 through $1/$2 of Limit and No Limit Texas Hold'em. For tournaments, I currently play $100 + $9 buy-in multi-table tournaments with tremendous success. As this blog, and my skills continue to progress, I hope to increase the limits at which I regularly play.

Currently, I am NOT a professional poker player, and work a demanding full-time job. Poker, however, serves as an enjoyable and profitable hobby. My personal poker goal for the year is $25,000 in poker winnings. I am confident that any beginner that demonstrates a willingness to learn and commitment to play regularly can successfully achieve a goal of $5,000 for the year. as a Community
I encourage all readers to ask questions regarding any post on the website. Feel free to email any poker questions and I will add the resulting response to the site.

Recently, we have added several additional authors to the site. In having the opportunity to learn from the experiences of a variety of players, I hope this site can be instrumental in your poker development.

The Greedy Gecko