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March 09, 2006

The future of poker

Posted at March 9, 2006 12:48 PM in General Discussions , by Greedy Gecko.

The popularity of poker has increased dramatically over the last few years. People are playing poker in online poker rooms, at casinos, in their homes, on college campuses, and even on television. The question this brings up is how long will poker’s popularity last? A lot of things become extremely popular only to disappear rapidly such as television shows and hair styles. Within the last few months their has been talk of a decline in ratings of poker television shows, which may be proof the decline of poker is coming.

I believe poker will begin its decline within the next year but I can’t predict why. Maybe people will consider there are better ways to spend their money. Maybe another game will become more popular. May be the game will get to competitive. I guess only time will tell what the future of poker will be. Until that time I am sure that people will continue to play the game that has taken America by storm.

Hey PokerGreed. I have to ask, why do you think the popularity will go down? I don't think it will at all. I think poker is not a fad, but rather, a game that was not getting the coverage it needed to reach Americans en masse. TV now allows it. Even if the ratings drop, it could be due more to oversaturation of the market, and there could be more viewers overall watching poker.

I suggest an opposite theory. As the kids in college and high school during this poker boom steadily turn 21 years old, poker will constantly be expanded, at least in live games. These kids probably play online somewhat, and definitely in home games. They are the future of the game, and they are eating it up right now. Just a thought.

Posted by Jordan from HighOnPoker at March 9, 2006 03:52 PM

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