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February 11, 2006

Is Poker the New Stock Market?

Posted at February 11, 2006 01:21 PM in General Discussions , by Greedy Gecko.

When people talk about investing or using their money to make money they talk about stocks, real estate, CD’s, mutual funds, and starting a business. Why is their no mention of poker as an investment?

The truth is, people that play poker, whether as a hobby or for a career play it to make money. A person playing $2,000 per month is investing $24,000 per year playing, it is a risk but it is just as risky as some other investments.

Stocks are up and down everyday and people lose money. The real estate bubble is about to bust and people will lose money. About 85% of all businesses fail within 5 years causing people to lose money.

It is easy to look at a poker player and say ‘he is wasting his money’ or ‘taking to big of a risk by playing’, but poker players are making an investment just like a person that is involved in the markets mentioned above, so the risks can be considered equal.

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