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January 12, 2006

I'll See Your Million AND Raise You...

Posted at January 12, 2006 04:12 AM in Humor , by Sack.

Now personally, I’m not too big on advertising, gimmicks, spam, or any type of junk such as that. But I must admit this one really got my attention. I’m not actually sure how true or legit this whole thing is, but it is pretty damn crazy if you ask me. If it is simply a publicity stunt, then kudos for it being well done. And if it really is a serious wager, then good lord is it pretty messed up and got me wondering if I’d take the same risk.

So what exactly is it that I’m talking about? Well let’s see….

First off, what would you be willing to risk in order to try to make a quick million? Or what would you risk in order to gain a chance at making that million bucks? Well straight out of the Twilight Zone or a Hitchcock horror flick comes an answer from Carl Valentine… A finger!

That’s right, assuming all this to be true, the guy has wagered one of his digits in an effort to gain a chance at winning a million bucks in a heads up poker game at . According to his website ( ), Carl was having a poker night with his buddies, when a friend of theirs was in town visiting. Apparently this friend (referred to as Mr. X on the site) has made a fortune from internet marketing. Mr. X decides to wager Carl a cool million that he cannot receive two million unique visitors to a web page by a certain date. Carl apparently is not a rich man, be he does have ten fingers so he puts up a digit versus the cash!

So apparently the deal is this: If Carl is able to get 2,000,000 visitors to check out his site by April 18th (Mr. X’s birthday), then he will be playing Mr. X for the cash in the poker game. But if he comes up short and is unable to get that amount of hits to his site, then the match will have his finger on the line! The game is scheduled right now for April 18th at 7:00 p.m. (I don’t know what time zone).

I don’t quite know what to make of the whole thing. Either A) this is a brilliant promotion by Poker Room or an affiliate (his link to Poker Room does have a referral tag on it), or B) these guys need to check out Gamblers Anonymous or something. If you’re interested in adding a hit for young Carl or just want to check out the whole ordeal, his website is . He has a blog style update section along with a few other things there, including links to some very strange copycat sites. If nothing else it’s some interesting reading and crazy ideas.

Ten fingers+ten toes+a penis= $$$$$,

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