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January 05, 2006

Happy New Year

Posted at January 5, 2006 06:26 PM in Personal Rants , by Sack.

So it’s that time once again. That thing that happens every 365 days or so in which we decide to make an attempt to shed a few of our imperfections, and set to improve upon ourselves as human beings. Somehow the word “new” being included in “New Year” implies an opportunity to make resolutions for ourselves that we could otherwise do any other day of our lives… but for some reason the freshness of an unscarred new calendar seems to bring forth thoughts for a clean slate and a new beginning. Even I, as vastly superior as I am, use the beginning of January to assess my personal situation and set certain goals.

I can’t say I really have any “resolutions” as such, there are just certain things I know I’d like to do.

First I suppose would be to just continue to improve myself and my life in general. I made some long strides through this passed year. I’ve managed to remain clean and sober for nearly 17 months now, and continuing that is imperative before anything else can be possible. I owe a lot of friends and family for finally getting me there, and staying clean is probably the best thing I can do to show my appreciation both for them and myself. It won’t always be easy, but then again I didn’t see myself making it past the 90 day mark, much less over a year.

I’m going to give rides to people. You are now like, “What the hell?”. But seriously, through my troubled times I caught some legal troubles. Suffice to say for over a year there I had no car and no license. Well I finally got a car and am eligible to get my license back, so for a while I guess I’ll be burning my time and gas to repay those who took time out of their lives to get poor Sack from point A to point B over the last year plus. Just know if we get pulled over we are switching seats!

I want a nice vacation to somewhere else (if possible it would be poker related--- but we’ll get to that in a minute). But in all actuality my only “vacation” and time away from home the last few years was a 30 day stay in rehab and a quick refreshing week spent with the trustees in Montgomery County Jail. Not exactly Club Med by any means.

So now we get to the poker part. Obviously improving my game and continuing success are hopes for the ‘06. Every player’s dream is to win a big tournament. I’d love to make it to Vegas this year and see how I could fare in the World Series. If nothing else I’d like to make it to a WPT event or any other big tournament where I could really see what I’ve got in this thing. This is something I’ve been wanting to do anyway, but now I’ve told a very special lady (the future Mrs. Sack) that I’d make a million bucks at this thing eventually and she wouldn’t have to work anymore. A tall order? Yes it is. She’s not too keen on the whole poker playing thing, but I think she’s seen that it helped get me through last year financially-- and the prospect of having a week of the right cards and plays at the right time strung together could theoretically allow us to retire at the ripe old ages of 26 and 24 respectively is a very juicy idea. Yeah, it’s a longshot… but either way I’d have the time of my life trying. On top of taking care of myself and her, I’d be able to pay back debts to all those whom I owe. That’s a long list there, but before I die I want all of that to be taken care of. It’s just something I have to do.

There’s so much I want to get done this year and I’m setting my goals pretty high. Whether or not I’ll reach them only time will tell. But there’s a saying that I like. It is “If you reach for the moon and miss… you’ll still be among the stars.” All I can do is buy in, put my chips on the table, and hope the right cards come. Even if the worst happens I can always re-buy… next year.

Quit Smoking, Work Out More, Blah Blah,

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