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December 29, 2005

Very Naughty Month

Posted at December 29, 2005 05:42 AM in Personal Poker Experiences , by Sack.

The cruel hand of fate and the inevitability of variance continue to trample upon my tired poker soul. At first it was actually kind of cute. You know, like “Awww, ha ha, those cards really sucked that whole tournament.” Like some sort of virus entering my body… starting off as a small little cough and runny nose with small losses here and there, a bad run or bad beat sprinkled throughout. I bust out of a few tournaments without cashing, I re-buy at a cash table a time or two, really nothing big or major. But then your sniffles turn into full fledged disease with no warning to you whatsoever and suddenly you’re buried in the couch with an icepack on your head hoping for death to visit soon.

It’s really hard for me to complain really. This first year of poker has been extremely good to me, I just hate to end it on a sour note. To this point I’ve shown steady growing profit month after month as my game has improved. I’ve adapted different playing styles, I understand little nuances to the game that would have baffled me only months ago, I’ve become a well rounded player in various types of games. And just as I feel my game is at it’s best, the deck decides to grow cold towards me.

A bad run is nothing new. It absolutely happens to any and everyone at some point several times over. The problem is that until this point I’ve never had such a long stretch of a bad run. This one has covered practically the whole month, putting a temporary hold on my plans to step up to higher levels at the beginning of the year. For the most part I really haven’t lost anything, but over the last month or two I’ve gotten a taste of what I am capable of and what I can do with this thing… so even-steven and pocket change just doesn’t quite cut it anymore.

Maybe I expect too much of myself, maybe I’ve been jinxed by people actually noticing my play, maybe I was just due for some bad luck. I haven’t been playing nearly as much as I’m used to, so perhaps I’m just not finding my usual groove I get after a few hours of playing. Or I could just need a break and clear my mind to start all over again using the knowledge I’ve gained this passed year from square one. At this point I’m really not sure what it is, but rest assured I’ll figure it out and will be dangerous again once I do.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas, and have a happy and safe new year. Will be at the Peach Bowl this Friday, so if ya see a group of guys working security being hauled off by the real cops, that’s me and my friends. Only question is who will secure the security?

In Need of Sleep,

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