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October 23, 2005

The Sound of Silence

Posted at October 23, 2005 04:53 AM in Personal Rants , by Greedy Gecko.

You may be asking yourself what in the world a poker blog is doing titling a post after a Simon and Garfunkel tune – if you didn’t catch the song reference, then you need to expand your musical horizons. Well, the purpose of this post is not really to talk much poker, but to make excuses for my lack of posts as of late.

Simply, I’ve been busy. Specifically, I’ve been busy contemplating my goals with poker, my profession, and my life. My preliminary conclusions, in order, are to make more money, quit and find a new one, and begin enjoying it more fully. Long-time readers may recall my lofty goals of quitting my current profession and making poker a full-time endeavor (if not, see here) and the extreme disillusionment I felt returning to my job after an extended leave (see here).

The disillusionment has not abated, and my ultimate goals still lie in getting involved entrepreneurially in something that I can call my own. As such, I have spent a considerable amount of time as of late continuing to research opportunities and determine how I intend to make this happen. In the maelstrom of confusion and emotions, both playing significant amounts of poker and writing blog posts has simply fallen by the wayside. However, major changes are in the works.

I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag just yet, but once these changes are completed, the frequency of blog posts will increase, and readers will be able to trek my progress on a major poker and life endeavor.

By the way, what the hell does “letting the cat out of the bag” really mean. As someone who is allergic to cats, the concept of placing a cat in a bag, and keeping it there, is not entirely undesirable (sorry PETA). Hell, I might even be tempted to whip that bag around a couple of times. However, I guess eventually I would let it out.

The Greedy Gecko

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