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October 03, 2005

Bitter Sweet Redemption

Posted at October 3, 2005 05:22 PM in Personal Poker Experiences , by Sack.

So I’ve been sick all weekend. I don’t remember feeling this badly since morning after nights that I don’t have any recollection of. Laid up on the sofa inside for the better part of four days straight would normally actually be a semi vacation for me under normal circumstances, but this was in no way my normal relaxing isolation time that I enjoy. With the exception of my lovely nurse popping by from time to time to tend to me, it was a miserable weekend full of missed obligations.

Amidst my two to sixteen hour comas I managed to find my way to my computer, hoping to continue what was a very strong week for me last week. I was sadly mistaken, and came very close to writing a piece that would have been full of profanity, bitching, and curses of death upon families and friends of all those I managed to ping with throughout the dreadful weekend. I’ll never be one of those people that give the cries of “online poker is rigged” B.S., that’s just a weak copout, but if said people were to pull my hand history they’d make a convincing argument to some folks I’m sure. My emotions ranged from anger, sadness, to a quite disturbing laughter that only a crazy man may have protrude from beneath the ol’ womb broom. Things were just that ridiculous.

But on this day I shall only discuss one hand, the hand where I got to see the other side of that deathtrap of a mountain. In my true angry addict form, after a few more insane jabs to my wounded gut, I decide to hit up a tournament exceeding what I should be playing with the little bankroll I had left. Things started well with me winning the first two pots. I should have gotten more out of them, but at this point I am sure I’m beat every time. Even if I were to hit a royal flush I’d have wagered a new hand would be invented solely to beat mine. But the good news is I was in good shape early on to lay back and play only premium hands. Problem was I didn’t even get any marginal hands for quite some time after that.

Fast forward to bubble time, 3 away from at least making my buy in back and I’m short stacked (saying that way too often lately). I’m dealt pocket 9’s in the big blind, which just about has me committed to going all in anyway. I’m not feeling too good when three people move all in before it even gets to me! (Good note here: generally when it’s getting close to the money, people will tighten up a lot to try to just skate into the money. If someone moves all in, usually you can put them on a big hand). I really have no choice but to call, because even if two of them get eliminated, I’m still really short stacked and would need one more person to go out before me. So it’s now or never. I’m elated to see a 9 on the river, but there is 3 to a flush and a possible straight out there. I finally see the hands of my opponents-- JJ, QQ, and AA. As had been done to me all weekend, I did to others. Got my money in with the worst hand and wound up winning it and quadrupling up. It wasn’t all roses from there, I slow played myself into a big hit later on when my kings and queens ran into pocket aces that had the board pair itself on the river. But I managed to come in 4th which paid 3 times my buy in. Still a lot to make up for from the weekend, but it’s a start.

As I write this I just came in second in another one, pulled myself out of the red from the weekend, now just gotta build back up in the black again.

Out of that hole, now back to the mountain

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