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September 23, 2005

Sack's Update

Posted at September 23, 2005 03:45 PM in Personal Rants , by Sack.

So where oh where has our Sacky been? It’s usually a little scary when I drop out of site for a while, at least for those who know me. When Sack is not heard from usually it’s time to give a quick call to hospitals, jails, and morgues. Besides that one little post peering into the dark caverns of my mind, its been almost 2 weeks since I posted an article.

Well now I’m here to ease all of your troubled minds (because you were sooooo worried, right?). No, nothing of major detrimental consequence has occurred to take my attention away from attempting to educate and entertain you fine folks, I was just busy for a minute there. Namely a pool tournament I had out of town last weekend. I spent the week prior getting myself back in stroke for it. I still played a little poker, but the results were unfruitful. My main focus was to be ready to shoot it up on Saturday, and that I did. Unfortunately my team came one win shy of making money, but it was a real confidence booster to me to personally go undefeated all weekend. My pool playing performance has been out of whack since I kicked the sauce over a year ago, and I just never regained my old form. But now I’m actually back, and am about ready to start making a little extra money doing that again. Most of the big pieces are there once again, I just have a few small things to tinker with and I’ll be back to being the greatest show on Earth again.

Back to poker thought before this turns into I think I’m getting back to form on the poker tables as well now. After the weekend I relaxed Sunday, and then began playing a little more Monday, but then obviously from my last article some “issues” came up, and didn’t play much and when I did it wasn’t very well. Things have worked out now and with my mind right again I’ve spent the last 2 days playing some cheap sit-n-gos, and have found myself in the money in slightly over half of them. No major profit, only 2 outright wins thus far and plenty of 2nd and 3rd finishes, but am operating in the black nonetheless. So now that my confidence is back up and my bankroll is getting in shape again, hopefully over the weekend I can step it up and get rent paid this month.

One major improvement I see In my game that was lacking is that I am content to take down small pots. I love to slow play and show weakness and then just run over someone later in the hand. The problem being that I was doing that too much, and allowing folks to draw out on me for too cheap. Now I’m doing a better job of mixing it up, gathering information, and making the pot big when I can, or taking it down cheap if I need too. I’m still finding that delicate balance of it all, but my results have been positive and consistent so far (of course as I say that I just let a guy draw out a flush on my set, but like I said I’m working on it). And the good news is I’ve more than doubled my once dwindling bankroll. So soon I’ll be able to do something I haven’t been able to do in what seems like forever… make a withdrawal!

Still Breathing

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