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September 09, 2005

screwsack.exe update

Posted at September 9, 2005 12:47 AM in Personal Rants , by Sack.

Very few things in life should be feared. Maybe things like God, loneliness, staplers, stuff such as that. I’m proud enough (or naïve enough) to say I have very few fears in life. I’ve put myself through enough hell the last few years that certain things that cause people to have stains in their britches just don’t phase me at all anymore. But I can now add one thing to my short list… software updates!

Ah yes, the one thing in life that has plagued me since my introduction to the internet. A new and improved this and that has always bogged something down, caused crashes of something else, or infected me with many ugly 0’s and 1’s that make my life miserable and my computer sad. Well, now my good ol’ reliable Pacific tempted me into clicking that Jezebel “ok” button. Just as the world was righting itself and I was back in a groove, the letsgivesackshittycards.exe update was written. I don’t know what else the update did. It looks prettier (but the simple bare bones feel of the site is what I liked about it anyway). It’s faster and has a couple of extra useless options added to it. Besides that the only change I see is in my hand.

Over 2 days of tournaments and I had a total of 2, yes count ‘em both, TWO premium hands to play. Any other good hands I’ve had have come up dryer than a day in the Sahara. I’ve made the most out of what I’ve had, but it’s always disheartening to know you are playing well and can’t get anything out of it. The tournament I’m in right now is the best run I’ve had of yet since letsgivesackshittycards.exe was installed, and yet down to 9 players and I’m only running 4th. And just that fast now I’m 6th out of 7. Again, not playing badly, it’s just hard to gun down the enemy when you have no ammunition. I’ll keep chugging along, and I’ll find a patch for this bug. For now I’m just thankful the 6 man tables at Party haven’t changed.

***update*** actually came in the money! Only got 3rd, but 3rd never felt better!

Still Standing,



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