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August 23, 2005

Mediocre Poker

Posted at August 23, 2005 11:33 PM in General Discussions , by Wiggie.

It rhymes. Cute. Anyway, this is the second official day of my poker career. So far things have been pretty lukewarm. I haven't won any huge pots, nor have I lost any. My big hands have held up for the most part, so I can't complain about that. There just haven't been many of them. I've made exactly $121.80 in a little under eleven hours of play, which isn't exactly ripping it up, but I'll take it. I mostly goofed around yesterday, enjoying not having to get up and be a slave to the man. I ended up playing just under five hours, which is less than I intended, but hey, I was basking in my freedom. Today I've played two three-hour sessions, and have had small wins in each. My plan is to play six to eight hours on weekdays and then squeeze in some time here and there during weekends. The games tend to be a lot looser at night, especially weekend nights, so I'd like to put in some hours during those times when the games are most profitable. I've played primarily in the early afternoon both days so far and the games have been pretty tight, which I figured would be the case. I should probably do at least half of my playing during the evening and night, but I tend make a lot more mistakes when I try to play when I'm tired, so I don't want that to happen.

The overall experience thus far has been good. I can see how playing hour after hour can quickly become a grind. But so was my last job. And I had to get up early and put on pants for that. Besides, it's really nice to have time to do other things without the constraints of a nine to five workday. Plus, not having to deal with a boss or any of the other office crap is totally sweet. Of course the downside of not having guaranteed income can be a bummer, but I'll worry about that the first time I lose five buy-ins in two hours. Which, now that I've mentioned it, will probably be tomorrow.

What's that? Post a hand history displaying the stupidity of the players I'm dealing with on a regular basis? You got it. I folded preflop, by the way. Names have been omitted to protect the innocent ignorant.

$0.5/$1 Blinds No Limit Hold'em - *** 08 23 18:12:41 2005
Table Habanos Esplendido (Real Money)
Seat 4 is the button
Total number of players : 9
Seat 10: Player 3 ( $71.73 )
Seat 1: Player 4 ( $14.85 )
Seat 2: Player 5 ( $208.85 )
Seat 3: Player 6 ( $157.9 )
Seat 4: Player 7 ( $96.55 )
Seat 6: Player 8 ( $111.86 )
Seat 7: Player 9 ( $94 )
Seat 8: Player 1 ( $50.6 )
Seat 9: Player 2 ( $78 )
Player 8 posts small blind [$0.5].
Player 9 posts big blind [$1].
** Dealing down cards **
Player 1 raises [$2].
Player 2 calls [$2].
Player 3 raises [$6].
Player 4 calls [$6].
Players 5, 6, 7 fold
Player 8 calls [$5.5].
Player 9 folds
Player 1 raises [$20].
Player 2 folds.
Player 3 raises [$65.73].
Player 4 calls [$8.85].
Player 8 calls [$65.73].
Player 1 calls [$28.6].
** Dealing Flop ** [ 7d, 2d, 4h ]
** Dealing Turn ** [ 5c ]
** Dealing River ** [ 5h ]
** Summary **
Player 8 shows [ 9d Ad ].
Player 1 mucks.
Player 3 shows [ 4s Ac ].
Player 4 shows [ 2s 2h ].
Player 4 collected [$59.4].
Player 3 collected [$107.25].
Player 3 collected [$42.26].

So, yeah...hopefully this bodes well for my future.