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August 22, 2005

It's Gecko's Fault

Posted at August 22, 2005 06:44 PM in Personal Rants , by Sack.

Of course after reading Mr. Gecko's rant about bad beats it was bound to come down upon me... and how!

Yesterday I took a well deserved day off from both working as well as poker (well, I played an hour of poker, but that’s an off day for me). This afternoon after I get home from work I hop online after a quick shower and decide to read this site as well as some message boards. I laughed at Gecko’s rants about bad beats and such, but little did I know the wise lizard was actually prophesizing the day to be for good ol’ Sack.

I began as usual, little cheap sit-n-go tournaments to get my feel, establish my rhythm, and make or lose some small change. Nothing special the first tournament… literally nothing. No cards, no draws, no nothing good besides some small to middle pocket pairs that don’t hit. I was patient, and finally got a decent hand flopping top pair top kicker and move on in, and lose to some guy who hit the turn AND the river to complete and inside straight draw. “Fiddle-dee-dee” ,I say, and move on to the next tournament.

The next one would have been great if I only received my cards on hand earlier each time. It seemed as if every time I had something to play it just would not hit at all. If I had A-K, the flop would come something like 7-8-9 suited (of course not any suit I held), I’d pay off one more card knowing any of the million people that called my raise with whatever they had would be at least on a draw. And of course the next card would complete a straight or a flush that I didn’t have. THEN the next hand would flop A-A-K or something like that. Eventually I just ran out of chips.

OK, round three, it’s gotta get better! This one is completely my own fault at least though. Early on I’m dealt pocket 8’s. There is a small raise before me, and I just call as do 2 other people behind me. Flop comes something like 3-10-7. Of course the original raiser moves all in immediately… but I have a feel for people, I know them. I can see your cards, I’m in your head, and I know you absolutely do not have the 10, and I also know you don’t have a higher pocket pair or trips. How do I know? Couldn’t tell you, but I just know. I don’t want to call with 8’s risking almost all of my chips, but I feel I must prove to the world that you are an idiot. And you know what? I was absolutely right! Where the mental lapse comes in is that I thought nothing of the two players behind me. One other caller. The original guy flips over his measly pair of 7’s with jack kicker, ha, I was right. The guy behind me flips over his pocket aces. I knew it when he called also.

The day continued this way. Losing full houses to quads, getting out kicked on 3 of a kind, dropping a king high flush to ace high, losing 2 pair to straights that took runner runner or at least the river card for them to hit. Over and over I feel as if I’m drowning in the river, and the current flows away from land in every direction I face. Until I get frustrated and stupid.

That’s when early on I call an all in pre flop with only K-9 suited. Hit my 9 and it holds up tripling me up. Finally things shall go may way. Nope, I begin to do the cardinal sin of playing “right” again and my bad luck continues. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t lose over and over based solely on other people getting lucky. It took some bad moves at the wrong time for some of it too. But I hate taking all the blame, so I’ll blame Gecko for foreshadowing this day. Tomorrow he better post something positive because I need the extra money. Or at least he can send me some of the royalties from his insurance endorsement.

Still chasing the draw,