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March 29, 2005

The Importance of Bonus Dollars

Posted at March 29, 2005 04:33 PM in General Discussions , Multi-Tabling , by Greedy Gecko.

Many of the online poker rooms offer bonus dollars for initial and subsequent redeposits into your poker account on an almost continuous basis. These bonus dollars are then converted into real money, at varying rates depending on the site, as you play in their cash games. For low-limit players, this can serve as a vital source of additional poker profits.

Bonus Dollar Revenue
Depending on the limits you play, bonus dollars can constitute a significant portion of your overall poker profits. For example, whenever I play multiple tables at the $.25/$.50 limits (generally playing 10 tables or more), I consistently earn in excess of $35/hr. Nearly a third of those profits, or ~$16/hr, is from the earning of bonus dollars as I play. If you play poker regularly and frequently sit at the tables without bonus dollars to earn, you are committing a crime against your bankroll.

Initial Deposit Bonus
Nearly every poker room on the web will offer you bonus dollars for creating a real money account. Consequently, it is in your best interest to have numerous poker accounts at all the major sites. That way, you can rotate to play on accounts that have bonus to earn. Check with each individual site, but several allow you to have more than one account.

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Redeposit Bonus
Don’t ignore the importance of redeposit bonuses simply because you are a winning player, and accustomed to only making withdrawals from your poker account. While I have never redeposited into a poker account because of excesses losses, I frequently redeposit in order to take advantage of redeposit bonus offered by online poker rooms. If anything, this process is even easier for winning players, who can afford to keep a small portion of their bankroll on hold (either in neteller or some other easily accessible account), constantly moving that bankroll in and out of accounts. Note that many sites will unexpectedly announce a redeposit bonus on a Friday that expires on Sunday, so you always need be prepared.

The Greedy Gecko – “I can’t say no to an extra $16/hr when playing ring games”