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March 28, 2005

Buy-In With the Table Maximum

Posted at March 28, 2005 06:10 PM in General Discussions , Q&A , by Greedy Gecko.

Question: In cash games, should I buy-in with the table minimum or maximum?
Answer: Great question! Regardless of the limit you play, you are faced with a decision each time you sit at the poker table as to how much to buy-in for. My recommendation is to always buy-in for the table maximum, not a penny less. See discussion below:

Who Buys-In for Less?
You will see many players buy-in to a no limit hold’em game for the minimum amount allowed. These players intend to play using a small stack mentality, readily moving their chips all-in with mediocre hands. Undoubtedly, it is much easier to make questionable plays when you don’t have as much to lose, but losses will be all the more common. In addition to these players’ inclination of playing sub-par hands, they also miss out on larger payouts from their infrequent premium hands. There has to be no worse feeling than to finally get those pocket aces and realize that you are only seated with a couple of dollars.

Advantages of Sitting with the Maximum
When you sit with the table maximums, you will have the ability to push most players at the table all-in at any time. Although you may only do this rarely, the ability to do is a very real and strong threat. Additionally, sitting with the table maximum allows you to realize the greatest amount of profit possible when you hit your premium hands. Should you win several hands, you may be sitting with significantly more cash than many of the players at the table. This intimidates many of the new arrivals to the table and affords you many opportunities in the way you play your hands.

Based on the arguments presented above, I contend that you should always rebuy to the table maximum should you suffer some losing hands.