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March 28, 2005

Poker Motivated by Greed – Playing for Profit

Posted at March 28, 2005 01:23 PM in General Discussions , by Greedy Gecko.

The name originates from the framework that I employ in my poker play. I am highly motivated by the concept of accumulating money, even if it means taking that money from other individuals (within the governing rules). In essence, I am not satisfied by what I already have, and have won, but I want to take what you have as well. It may not be immediately clear how this desire makes you a better poker player, but I assure you that it does.

Poker is more Fun When You Win
There are many people playing online that view their activities as an enjoyable hobby, costing them minimal amounts on a monthly basis. To them, poker serves as a cheap way to enjoy the excitement of gambling and challenge of competition. However, I would argue that winning poker players are experiencing a lot more fun, excitement, and challenge than these recreational players. The difference lies in the way you view the game. Rather than the gratification being derived from the thrill of pushing all-in, bluffing, or making nonsensical gambles; successful poker players have fun by pushing all-in, bluffing, or executing other techniques AND winning. If you truly enjoy losing, then read no further and I can’t wait to meet you on the tables.

From Desire to Success
So how do you turn this desire to win and to accumulate poker profits into reality? It’s a simple matter of deciding to get your enjoyment from conquering your opponents. You still bluff, gamble, and move all-in, but you do this at times when it makes sense. You forgo the thrill of moving all-in whenever you crave some action, and only employ tactics when logic tells you to. The transition is a simple one from have the emotional, thrill-seeker in you hand the steering wheel over to your logical/rational side.

Gamblers by Nature Need Not Apply
If you are the gambling-type personality by nature, then you will probably never succeed in making this transition. That’s not to say that you cannot succeed in poker, for your skills may outweigh your gambling tendencies. However, you can expect much less consistency in your level of success.

Discipline = Fun???
You may find it hard to believe, but exercising discipline in your play, and achieving improved levels of success can be an enormous amount of fun. There is nothing like the feeling of taking all of your opponent’s money, and observe that they immediately leave the table with their brutal defeat. In tournament play, retiring a player from the game is important from a success standpoint, but it is also extremely satisfying. If you relish in competition, then the destruction of your opponents is a much greater thrill than that of making blind gambles. Perhaps it’s just that I have a greedy, callous nature; but if greed takes your money and gives it me, then GREED IS GOOD.

The Greedy Gecko